How Do I Get Started?

Individual Programs

At Sports Focus Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre we offer an individually designed program to identify your goals and this is achieved by a full musculoskeletal assessment, including:

Introduction to modified Pilates matwork.
Education in anatomy of the deep Transverse Abdominal, Pelvic floor and Multifidus muscles.
Three private follow up sessions with a physiotherapist to ensure you understand the Pilates principles of postural awareness, effective breathing, deep abdominal and pelvic control, concentration and integrated flowing movement.

Once you have completed your personal introduction to Pilates you will continue with one hour studio sessions. These sessions use a full range of studio Pilates equipment individually administered and reviewed by your Pilates Physiotherapist.

Essential Matwork Programs

Sports Focus Physiotherapy have commenced a course of Pilates mat classes. These classes are designed and run by our Pilates trained Physiotherapist who will take you through a range of exercises which will progress every week.

Learn to:
Strengthen your body from the inside out
Switch on your deep abdominal muscles
Help rehabilitate existing problems
Prevent future injuries
Improve your posture

Beginners and Intermediate sessions are held on Saturday mornings. Classes are limited to small group sessions (maximum of six participants) to allow close supervision by our expert Pilates instructors.

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